How to do free keyword research in less than 1 minute

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    How to do free keyword research in less than 1 minute

    Free keyword research you say?

    Yes but in the first place , what is keyword research?

    Keyword research is finding all the possible ways people look for products or services using search engines like google , bing or yahoo. For example if you were looking for ‘tree surgeon Nebraska’ and you typed it into google this is what you would see first.  In fact this is the beginning of your free keyword research.

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    Local Keyword Google Results

    For example above are the companies that rank in the top 3 of google maps for the keywords ‘tree surgeon Nebraska’ .  Ordinarily they are called the ‘map pack’. To be sure there are even more companies in the google maps listing but these are the ones the google bot has selected to show.

    Organic Keyword Search Results

    Organic Keyword Google Results

    Above  are the organic results.  Indeed these are the searches that come up just under the maps. People click these the most out of any other area.


    Here is how you do free key word research!

    1. First type the term into google – ‘tree surgeon Nebraska’
    2.  Second scroll past the maps and the organic search results and almost to the bottom of the page.  As soon as you see the blue writing stop!

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    In summary the image above is your first bit of keyword research. Here are some of the other ways people are trying to find ‘tree surgeon Nebraska’.
    Well done you have just done your first bit of keyword research. The best part of this is it was free and easy. Now why don’t try and some other terms. Just follow the system outlined above are you are there. Best of luck.

    When you feel comfortable with this aspect of free keyword research you can begin to use free keyword research tools. If you would like guidance on more in-depth approaches contact Local Rank Tank today.

    This article borrows from an answer we provided on Quora.